Blue Tower EN

Blue Tower

Back The project features contemporary architectural style, accentuated by various design elements such as transparency, balconies, materiality, pedestrian-friendly river walks, and a balanced proportion and volume, among other considerations. BLU Tower not only preserves and enhances the character of the existing neighborhood but also stands out as an iconic structure in its surroundings. The waterfront … Read more

Hibiscus EN


Back This sleek and contemporary residence showcases a powerful and simple design, offering open views to the Venetian Islands and the Miami Beach skyline. Fueled by a profound passion for architectural detail and simplicity, this villa is meticulously crafted from conception to completion, embodying the utmost purity in design and craftsmanship. Spanning 7,300 sqf across … Read more

Ocean Drive Hotel


Back Ocean Drive embodies the allure of a fashion Maison; its name will symbolize a new signature style — Floridita, a blend of 1940s Miami Beach glamour with hints of simple, classic Floridian accents. This unique style will evoke memories of awe-inspiring guests in sequined birds of paradise dresses, neckties, sheer blouses, and vintage prints, … Read more

LA Residence EN


Back The LA family residence is situated amidst the natural splendor of Mandeville Canyon, and as such, it endeavors to minimize its impact on the surrounding beauty. The project is centered around establishing an intimate connection with the natural environment and capitalizing on the breathtaking views to the north of the property. Despite facing stringent … Read more

Palm EN


Back This luxury residence commands breathtaking Bayfront views. Its unique architecture and modern lines capture the essence of waterfront living through transparent living spaces. This bayfront modern residence boasts a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Spacious outdoor areas afford the home the luxury of being surrounded by ponds and exotic water features. This … Read more