The “VPL” building serves as a temporary hub for artists situated amidst the natural splendor of Vermont. Positioned at the foothill of the property with a gentle slope towards the south, the project seamlessly blends with the picturesque natural scenery.

A green roof conceals approximately half of the building, creating an illusion that extends the slope of the terrain. Although this concealed portion appears subterranean, it is, in fact, a result of overlapping structures.

The building’s design aims for perfect integration with the landscape, capitalizing on the Southwestern orientation to ensure optimal illumination of rooms and common areas. An exterior staircase leads to the highest point of the hill, allowing observers to appreciate the harmonious fusion between the green roof and the surrounding beauty.

The Douglas fir wood facade enhances this powerful combination, showcasing a grey appearance that, when viewed from below the green roof, seamlessly intertwines with the apple maple trunks surrounding the property. The overall scene becomes a genuine source of inspiration for the artists.