Teruel Apt EN

Teruel Apt Back 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms. 75 m2 The Teruel Residence embodies an investment vision that aspires to spaciousness, abundant light, and programmatic practicality. This charming 75m2 apartment in the heart of the Tetuán neighborhood features three bedrooms and two bathrooms, giving way to a design that emphasizes harmony between functionality and style. … Read more

Serrano Studio EN

Serrano Studio Back 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom. 50m2 This investment property in the coveted Salamanca neighborhood stands out for its focus on quality, functionality, and sophisticated design. Despite its modest size, every corner has been carefully planned to create a home that seamlessly blends elegance with practicality. The 50m2 residence presents itself as a … Read more

Menorca Residence EN

Menorca Residence Back 3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms. 220 m2 This project faced a significant distribution challenge: how to make the most of a narrow and elongated residence with a single narrow and gloomy hallway connecting the spaces? Our solution was to blur the concept of the hallway by integrating all the areas it served … Read more

Fiv Clinic Vida Madrid EN

Fiv Clinic Vida Madrid Back The VIDA clinics aim to change and normalize the perception of fertility treatments. Designed to blend warmth with cutting-edge technologies, VIDA clinics create spaces where patients feel secure and well-taken care of. Clinical architecture has undergone a significant transformation in recent decades, increasingly focusing on creating warm and inviting environments … Read more

Fiv Clinic Vida Campello EN

Fiv Clinic Vida Campello Back The importance of conveying a sense of luxury and quality in clinical space design cannot be overlooked. Thoughtful design and high-quality finishes can influence the client’s perception of the excellence of the service offered. The use of premium materials, meticulous details, and careful planning reinforce the idea that the patient … Read more

Dulcinea Residence EN

Dulcinea Residence Back 2 bedrooms / 1 bathrooms. 60m2 This interior renovation is a testament to the delicate balance between aesthetic flair and budget-conscious results. This investment property, featuring two bedrooms, a bathroom, an open kitchen, and contemporary design, showcases the art of maximizing impact within budget constraints. Our approach marries cost-effectiveness with design excellence, … Read more

Anley Residence EN


Anley Residence Back 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms. 75m2 In this project, we navigate the fine line between aesthetic aspirations and the financial responsibility we all have as part of the creative process when your client is also an investor. We created a modern, inviting space that proves sophistication need not break the bank. where … Read more

Café Bottega EN

Celino hotel

Café Bottega Back Café Bottega  opened its doors in the charming neighborhood of Palacio in Madrid, just a stone’s throw from the eastern square. Meticulousness and attention to detail are essential to create a space that not only offers quality coffee but also a memorable experience. The goal is to leave an impression on the … Read more

Central park EN

Central park Back 5 bedroom / 6 bathrooms. 350m2 The interior renovation of this spacious apartment overlooking New York Central Park posed a significant design challenge. The existing space had already been a combination of two other apartments, resulting in inadequate room distribution. Natural light struggled to penetrate the labyrinthine space. In simpler terms, it … Read more

Lanzarote Residence EN


Lanzarote Residence Back 4 bedrooms / 4 bathrooms. 400 m2 The Cabañas Residence project is situated along the main street of Las Rozas in a multi-family district. Consequently, it has been meticulously designed to uphold the distinctive character of both the city and the neighborhood in which it resides. This commitment to preserving a strong … Read more